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Bedrock Prospectors


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Winter is the time for making equipment, and teaching each other, and the community how to enjoy nature, prospecting and looking for precious metals and gems.



Bedrock Prospectors Club Outings


Jack Ragusa asked that a few pictures from the Spring Fling on the Beach would be put up on our website...
Here they are Cape Disappointment State Park April 2013
If you have any more that you'd like to put up, send them to me Webmaster

Bedrock Past Outings Photo Album


Pictures from the Big Outing Naches 2007 (partial)


Pictures from the Naches June 2008 Outing


Outings and Socials

Prospector's CODE OF ETHICS

1). Observe all State, U.S. Forest Service, B.L.M., US Corps of Engineers, and private regulations and all property rules concerning fires, tree cutting, littering, and mining.

2). All members and guests must abide by Federal, State, and Local laws, rules and regulations where applicable.

3). Private property owners that allow access to prospect on their property may also have additional rules to follow and these will be all respected. We are the representatives of thousands of other small-scale miners & prospectors, and want to leave a good impression!

4). Public drunkenness, profanity, excessive noise, and other obnoxious behavior are prohibited while prospecting. Don't drink and drive and respect all local ordinances. Mountain towns may be small but they are serious about safety!

5). The principle of "PACK IT IN - PACK IT OUT" shall be observed in all areas. This includes cigarette butts and pulls tabs as well. If you find cans or other debris left by others, leave it cleaner than you found it - please carry the trash out with you. Bedrock Prospectors Club’s objective is to keep all prospecting areas neat and clean.

6). Always refill any holes you dig. Try to leave the area neater than you found it.

7). When prospecting away from available toilet facilities, use your shovel as your toilet tool away from camping areas, waterways, or trails. Scrape out a hole no deeper than 4-6 inches. (That's because the first several inches - the so-called biological layer - contain a system of "disposers" that will break down the waste. If you go deeper you spoil this effect. Keep any sod intact and replace it after filling the hole. (Sprinkle some pine needles and twigs on top and nature will do the rest.)

8). While prospecting, always be thoughtful of other prospectors. Never dig gravel from an area closer than 2 shovel lengths from another unless invited to do so. Do your panning or sluicing in an area, which does not seriously muddy the water of another prospector.

9). Never mine within 10 feet of any road or established trail.

10). Always display appropriate identification items when prospecting. (Bumper stickers, Name tags, Membership cards. etc.)

11). Never refuel power equipment where oil or gas might enter any waterway. (If your motorized equipment might possibly leak any oil while you are prospecting, use a drip pan and/or a fuel diaper under the motor to catch any drops.)

12). Dredge size is limited to 4 inches on most claims. (Special rules may apply in different areas - so always check ahead of your trip.)

13). Water from high bankers must be discharged into a settlement pool or other area away from the stream so that this water does not directly re-enter the stream. Silt can affect the fish spawn in streams at certain times of the year.

14). Always obtain permits in advance of prospecting on Public Lands where they may be required.

15). The use of mercury or any strong acids in the testing or processing of gold is VERY DANGEROUS and should be restricted to qualified persons working in an appropriately equipped workshop, and naturally, away from all waterways.

16). In all cases use common sense and be thoughtful of others.




Heading to the Outing?

Don't forget these items...


Gold Pans

Magnifying Lens (at least 10x)

Rock Pick / Pry Bars

Shovels and Trowels

Sample Bottles (plastic)


Maps (topographic)

Bright Colored Ribbon

Boots and Gloves

5 Gallon Buckets

Sucker Bottle

Gold and Fish Pamphlet (wdfw)


This is a short list of things to remember...

It's a good idea to make a list that you can use. Mostly tools "you" commonly utilize in the field, and cannot do without. How many times have you forgotten something, and wished you hadn't?



Outings 2012

Luck, A Prospectors Best Friend!

Well we have a member who has the magic touch or should I say” A family who has the magic touch! I am speaking about our own Mike Zeka. Mike who’s been a long standing member of this club has been doing a fantastic job with our monthly meeting raffle. Last December, at our Christmas party, Mike started a nice lucky streak in which he won the special raffle with a prize of a large bag of Concentrates, or (Hot Dirt). In the bag was hiding an extremely nice nugget. Well this was the beginning. At our Rendezvous, Mike won the Adult Metal detecting contest winning a White’s Bullseye Pin Pointer. Now most of our members know Mike’s granddaughter Jazmyn is a regular at most of our functions and she seems to have the Zeka luck. Mike bought a few dollars in raffle tickets for his granddaughter at our last general meeting and guess who won the nugget? Yep, to top that, this past Cabela’s outing the 21st and 22nd, the winner was yes again, Little Jazmyn. Now the ticket was drawn by a Cabela’s staff member to make it official. And it’s only July. Just how long can this Zeka winning streak go on for, only time will tell? But in short, it couldn’t happen to a nicer family. Way to go Mike and Jazmyn….